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Honolulu, Hawaii, USA


TRAVEL SPECIALTIES: Cruise, Hotel, Package (Air, Hotel, Auto), Tour

TRAVEL DESTINATIONS: Africa, Asia, Australia and Oceania, Central America & Caribbean, Europe, Mexico, Middle East and North Africa, North America, South America

Melina Pham

Seattle has been my hometown for over 44 years.  Though I love Seattle, I wanted to try living in other places of the US.  So in addition to Seattle, I have made Southern California and Hawaii my home.  I have a great passion to travel the world.  I have been all over Asia, Europe and of course the United States.  I believe that traveling is an invaluable life experience, seeing so many the different cultures and meeting people.  My favorite form of travel is cruising.  Cruising is the best way to see the world without having to pack and repack every couple of days.  My favorite cruise line is Royal Caribbean Cruises. On average, I have been on over 15 cruises each year for the past 3 years.  I also travel by air and stay in many cities weeks at a time.  I really cannot say which city or which area is my favorite because every single city is so unique and has its own characteristics.


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