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Aberdeen, Scotland, UK


TRAVEL SPECIALTIES: Cruise, Package (Air, Hotel, Auto)

Jane Fisher

Hello and welcome to my world of travel!

People and travel are my passions, so to be a travel consultant is the perfect job for me. I enjoy meeting people, getting to know them and learning about their world and travel in every form has to be one of the most interesting, exciting and rewarding experiences. It is always evolving and I am excited about all the new developments on the ground, in the air and on the seas. I really enjoy learning about them all so that you, my very valued clients have the best advice and the quality of service that you should expect from an experienced, trained travel consultant.

My reward in being a travel consultant is when you share your holiday experience with me or thank me for doing my job. Ah, that is so heartwarming. I would love to meet all of my clients in person but realize that would be a world voyage and unfortunately, I do not have enough holiday time to do that. However you will all know from my accent and the chats we have that I am a proud Scot and I believe my love of travel is in my roots, it seems wherever we go around the world, there is a Scot!!

We were and continue to be travelers with a thirst for finding out about the countries we visit, the people and the cultures within them. Research is what we call it, but in fact, it is just plain nosiness to learn what we can and pass it onto to you!

I am considered pretty good at it……..and I am delighted to be able to find you the best choices for your trip, and as a full-service travel consultant arrange worldwide air tickets, hotels, car rental, all-inclusive packages, tailor-made packages, walking, and cycling tours, you name it I can arrange it, call or email me, we can chat and then I will get to work for you.



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