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James Hardy

As a full-time flight attendant with nearly 30 years flying the world with Qantas I am absolutely thrilled to be joining the KVI team. Especially with regards to my colleagues Carrie Stalbow and Lisa Crouch who have already built up such an enthusiastic following for KVI in Australia.

I run some of the most active social media groups for cabin crew in the Australian and New Zealand region. Prime among these being my FAB Flight Attendant Business network and more recently FAB Travel. These are a suite of sites primarily for cabin crew focused on the aviation and cruise industries.

As an avid cruiser, I have always had an absolute passion for finding the very best interline discounts for my own holidays. It is a point of pride that I’ve never ever paid full price for any cruise. Unless I’m saving a minimum of $5,000 per person I’m really not satisfied and I’d rather stay at home.

I am now in a unique position to be able to share all the insider tips and tricks I’ve discovered over the years – to find equally epic deals for you and your family.

The biggest advantage of joining forces with KVI is that I have access to the inner secrets of the reservations systems of all the big cruise lines. But on top of that, I’m also getting almost daily emails of simply epic interline deals. Through my FAB Travel pages, you can now be notified just as soon as these discounts are released for sale.

All of this means that I am now able to regularly find discounts in the order many thousand dollars per cruise.

Don’t believe me? – put me to the test. I love a challenge.

FAB Travel has grown exponentially since our launch just a few months ago. I’m simply staggered by the figures we have notched up so far – the savings I have secured for the fellow crew since total $346,365.00. One booking alone saved $62K on two cabins for a total saving of $124,000.

FAB Travel is run by the crew, for the crew. (And all airline employees and their families). We are local Aussies which means no more having to phone the big Interline companies in the USA at 2 am.

We have a laser-like focus on cruises that appeal to Australian travelers. We seek out the ones which are generally easy to get to from the ports our carriers fly into.

We are not just another agency, we are an interactive community that shares our collective cruise experiences and there is not a question we can not answer.

As regular cruises know there are so many traps for cruise virgins and my aim is to remove the risk of booking the wrong ship. If your first cruise is a disaster you will never cruise again. And sadly I hear so many stories like that. I won’t actually book ships that have bad reviews. Call me old fashioned.

So don’t miss the boat. Visit us at Facebook – search for FAB TRAVEL.

or join our Interline Discount alert system.

James Hardy

0430 200 535


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